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Catalog > Anti-Fatigue Mats GelPro 20" x 72"
Anti-Fatigue Mats GelPro 20" x 72"

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Mats - Crocodile/Rattlesnake

Anti-Fatigue Mats GelPro 20" x 72"

GelPro® 100% gel-filled floor mats are engineered to provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. Each mat has a patented gel core that conforms to the shape of your feet. When you step off of the mat the resilient properties of the gel make the mat return to its original form. The gel evenly displaces body weight, which takes the pressure off your feet, back and legs while standing on hard flooring for long periods of time.

Rattlesnake is as wild and untamed as the great American West. Remarkably realistic, its outdoorsy surface is not simply printed, but is actually a three-dimensional texture that feels wonderful under bare feet.

Crocodile makes a bold statement. The top fabric is made of the same high performance coated textile as our other styles, but has a realistic crocodile look and feel.

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