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Catalog > Tray Hammered Light Square W/Handles
Tray Hammered Light Square W/Handles

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Tray Hammered Light Square W/Handles


Mexican craftsmen are known to produce some of the finest metal works in the world. We began working together with a family of skilled artisans designing and creating attractive metal designs in the year 2000.

The art of sand casting metal has been practiced for centuries. Each piece of our collection is hand made in this age old process. First, a mold is packed in sand then removed to outline the design of each piece. Once the sand is ready, our lustrous blend of alloys is poured into the mold. After the metal cools, the sand is removed revealing the ruff unfinished design. The piece then goes through a series of polishing first by machine and then finally by hand.

The end result is an eye-catching and functional piece of art. The luster of the metal shines of silver, but requires no polishing. Each piece is able to go from oven or refrigerator directly to the table, ideal for all occasions formal or casual. Warmth and personality emanate from our collection.


Price: $170.00

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